Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pray for the "tisms"

The work continues.  I can tell Hayden is feeling the time crunch in his mission.  He has set goals he wants to achieve.  I'm going to pray for him to be able to accomplish what he has set out to do. I know Hayden will do his best to bring to pass those miracles.  

"Hey All,

It was a super good week! We were able to baptize Mauricio!  It is the first door that I knocked in Talagante, so that was a cool experience. We know that he was super prepared.  He is 21 and is starting now to prepare for the mission. Such a cool kid. 

Elder Harries got replaced by Elder McDermott in our trio!  Sad to see Elder Harries go!  He is a really good friend.  I`ve had straight gringo comps for a while now. 

I`ve still been doing a ton of divisions, but it`s cool because there`s a lot to see out here! I`m enjoying the sector. We have a few people lined up for baptism!  We`ve just gotta keep working hard and the miracles will keep coming.  I`m sure of that! 

I`ve got 3 changes left...that is not very much time!  I sure want to pass my time here as well as possible. 

Pray for the tisms!

Elder Clegg"

Baptism of Mauricio
Elder Harries is on the right
Elder Peterson is in white

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