Wednesday, May 25, 2016


After we finished our Mother's Day Skype call with Hayden, I could tell he was struggling with wanting to come home.  He was so unsure of coming home and needing to make big decisions, as well as remembering how to live in the "real world".  In the mission, Hayden is sure of what he is doing every day.  His schedule is set, his routine in place and he is VERY comfortable.  So, I went to work.  I prayed that his heart would be able to remember some of the little things he loves about home.  Over the course of the last several emails, I can tell he is starting to remember.  The spirit is reminding him of those things that are "home" to him.  One of those is pumpkin chocolate chip bread.  He loves it!  Although pumpkin chocolate chip bread may seem like a small reminder of home, it is a big reminder to me that Heavenly Father answers prayers.

"I´m doing well down here! Just a crazy week! We did two divisions. I went to Talagante and 5 de Abril. It´s been cool to go back to all of my old zones and see the fruits that keep on giving. So many stories to tell! 

As an AP, no day is ever the same! We do a TON of classes and meetings and stuff. We drive quite a bit. We are with President way more than anyone else, but not too much either! We go to his house sometimes to plan. We travel a lot. We run errands. We work in our sector. It´s all pretty cool! 

I´m just getting pumped to eat Pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Haha!"

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