Tuesday, May 3, 2016

POD Squad

Last Friday, we were eating dinner together as a family.  Out of the blue, Mike says, "Nine weeks from today, we will see Hayden."  I had a moment where time stood still.  I can't quite comprehend being able to look my son in the eyes, to feel his presence and hear his stories.  It is something I haven't even allowed myself to daydream about because it is too painful.  But now...I catch myself daydreaming about that boy (man) ALL THE TIME!  Anxious isn't even a strong enough word to describe how we feel.  But oh, how grateful I am that he is getting to have these new experiences during the final, precious weeks of his mission!! 

"Hey guys! 

This week was crazy. Not really.. 

Monday: Meeting with President all day and then we went to the sector and found a girl that will be baptized for sure. 

Tuesday: Visited a couple zones and did some LD trainings. 

Wednesday: We went to the coast and did more trainings on the way. 

Thursday: Slept on a tile floor and did divisions with the ZLs in the coast. 

Friday: More Divisions

Saturday: More Divisions

That leads me to the title. Haha we were living out of a suitcase for the whole week and sleeping in sleeping bags. One night Elder Brooks rolls over and just yells, "I feel like a bean."  So it´s pretty logical that we now call ourselves the pod squad. Then it turned into the P.O.D. squad, which stands for Plannin' on Dunkin'. So basically we just had a long week and tried to make it fun. 

We´ll see if President sends the Pod Squad on divisions again this week. Don´t think so, so maybe we´re gonna go baptize. 

Elder Clegg"

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