Sunday, January 4, 2015

Our Favorite Christmas Gift

If you ask any member of our family what their favorite Christmas gift was this year, we would all emphatically say, "the Skype call from Hayden!" It was the most anticipated part of our day. He told us to expect the call between 2:00 and 3:00 our time. After all the presents were opened and we had breakfast, we waited. And waited. It was like waiting for another Christmas morning. We had our computer ready to go. It became our fourth child that day as we carried it from room to room and changed it's diaper (refreshed the page) every few minutes. We were NOT going to miss that call!!

Finally...the call came. We gathered together in our front room and waited for his image to pop up. When I first saw him, my immediate thought was, "That's sure weird how they have to wear gigantic head phones to Skype in Chili..." As I looked closer however, I saw he wasn't wearing headphones, just the felt reindeer antlers we sent in his Christmas package...AND HE LOOKED SO HAPPY!! We learned that he was at the church and the connection was spotty. There were members in and out trying to help. We were shocked when we heard Hayden rattle things off to them in Spanish. It was seamless. Finally they were able to establish the connection. Then he spoke to us and we were a little taken back. His voice sounded a little higher and his English had a Spanish lilt to it. Five months and he is Chilean! We smiled as he retold the stories of the last few months. We were in awe at his testimony in Spanish and we laughed at his impersonation of how they approach doors/gates to share their message. All the while, obedience-bound Elder Clegg was watching the clock and making sure he did not go over the precious allotted hour! As we closed in on the final minutes, we said a family prayer together that Hayden offered in Spanish. We all felt our hearts fill with love and gratitude for that moment. That gift. Our favorite gift.

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