Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Turned up for the Gospel!

Having teenagers means a lot of things. One of the things it means is you start to learn new words, acronyms and phrases. Some of them I wish I didn't know. Some of them have double meanings and some of them are just meaningless. (Think of the 80's vernacular including "totally", "radical" and "tubular". How embarrassing...) The teenagers learn this new vocabulary from a variety of sources including friends, music and the internet. The urban dictionary defines the phrase "turned up" as "to be overly excited or enthusiastic about something". This is a new phrase I like. (And yes, my vernacular vultures, I know it means other things...but I will focus on the positive definition.) Right now, Hayden is turned up about the gospel. He is happy to be bringing people to Christ and I don't think you could ever get "overly excited" about that!! P.S. Baptizing Lil' Jon and Katy Perry is a great idea!!


Hope you all had a Happy New Years. I got pretty wild and went to bed at 8:00 because we had to be inside early that day. So that was real fun.

My comp and I have been laughing all week about how sweet it would be to teach Lil' Jon. I think he needs to be baptized. This whole baptizing a celebrity thing started because the members here are convinced that Katy Perry got baptized. I doubt that. Oh, and they say that Alexis Sanchez.. Who is like super human soccer player.. is taking the lessons from the missionaries! If he gets baptized it will be so easy to baptize people.. Everybody already wants to be like him!

Well this past week was really hard because EVERYBODY left to the beach! At the same time.. It was Super rewarding! We were able to help Carlos get baptized. He is a flipping stud! Haha he moved houses so that he could live in our ward and be baptized.

Nothing all that new is happening.. Besides the fact I might be moving sectors when we have changes on the 10th. I don`t know how I feel about that. I have had dreams that I am gonna get thrown in a really thug place! So we will see how that goes.

Elder Clegg


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