Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ochagavia it is...

Remember last week when Hayden wrote about dreams he was having concerning the upcoming transfer? He said he dreamed he was going to a "thug" (a.k.a. ghetto) place. It must have been Heavenly Father trying to prepare Hayden for what was coming. Transfers occurred this week and guess what? He is going to a place that is struggling. My Mom reminded me that the Mission President must feel Hayden is up to the challenge. My heart hurts when he says he is scared. I want to protect him, but the power I have lies in the basic gospel principle of faith. Faith that Hayden's obedience will invite the Holy Ghost to be his constant companion to warn him of dangers. Faith that God will protect him and watch over him. Faith that Hayden has something he needs to share and work to perform in this new area.

"Well I left Olimpo and moved to Ochagavia today. Let´s just say that when everybody asked me where I got sent and I said Diagonal, they put their fingers into a gun by their mouth and yell "OHHHHHH" which is the sign for flighte! (Ghetto) I am not letting my family visit my mission.. Haha

Haha but I am the second Sky View grad to be sent here! It was the first sector of Elder Bangerter.

This sector is infamous! Haha it is the WORST sector in the Stake.. This stake is the WORST in the WORLD, statistically speaking. They have over 600 members and 40 go. Haha so you could say that I am in the statistically worst ward IN THE WORLD. Not to mention the most ghetto place I have ever put my little feet. (Mom's insert: This is what Hayden has been told. I guess we will find out much more over the next few months.)

My new comp is Elder Fernandez from Chile.. he is like 3 1/2 feet tall.. SO he´ll definitely be able to protect me! Haha

On the bright side.. Danny got baptized! What a good way to leave a sector! Haha we were so blessed over there! I witnessed so many miracles! Danny is the most amazing dude I have met so far. God is a God of Miracles. We didn´t think we were gonna be able to baptize him this week.. but we planned his baptism anyways.. Then things just happened and he was baptized. What a beast!

Well, I am short on time, but I am a lil' scared.. So any prayers would be helpful!

Good laws.. They´re playing Tupac in this internet cafe now.

Love ya guys,
Elder Clegg

Danny Se Bautizó!"

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