Sunday, January 4, 2015

Nice. Real nice.

People who know our family, know that we can be irreverent at times. We find humor in things that some people find offensive. Bodily functions, potty jokes and just plain old dumb humor are a few examples. Mike and I love to watch "Christmas Vacation". It has plenty of bodily functions, potty jokes and dumb humor. Cousin Eddie is our favorite. There is just something about the fellow that makes your skin crawl and yet, you can't wait to see what he'll say or do next.

Hayden has had some "Cousin Eddie-like experiences" recently. Killing bugs with fire, Nerf-gun wars, a comp with the last name of Sixkiller, run-ins with all sounds a little sketchy to me. Sounds like Cousin Eddie's type of mission. In all honesty though, we are excited that Hayden is remembering to include some humor in his days. And we think that's nice. Real nice.


The people here can`t say anything without adding po on the end. It means dude. So learn I something new every day po.

Well, the Christmas here was pretty dang sweet. Like it was really hot.. and we didn`t do anything different, but sweet. Haha my comp and I were like.. Hey let`s be the only exactly obedient missionaries in the world on Christmas and see if we get blessing from it.. So we did it and worked on Christmas.. Then the next day we had 12 lessons and found 8 new people to teach. Like in all honesty, I never thought I would say this, but obedience is the most important thing! I am so grateful my trainer taught me that early on.

I am happy. I love this sector! Haha the doors are opening here! Every week we are finding lots of new people to teach.. Like Chile is not an easy place, but our whole mission is being blessed like crazy!

Probably has to do with the fact that our Mission President is a he left his house.. which was next door to Shaq and Tiger Woods to come here! He is Brazilian and owns like a ton of banks down there. Freaking rich this guy, but not important! He is a spiritual dude! Awesome leader!!

Not that much funny or crazy has happened this week.. I had another dude get really mad at me, but what`s new? Haha

We kill bugs with fire. We shoot nerf guns. We talk about Star Wars. We are obedient. We teach. What more can you ask for in a comp? Haha he is a stud as well! He has grown up without parents.. Just recently he found out his last name is Sixkiller and that he is half Cherokee! Pretty neat.

In all honesty nothing fun ever happens in Chile! Haha you just have to learn how to think just about everything is funny.. Then it`s hilarious. Like it is the perfect place for me.

People don`t know how to put clothes on here. It is really quite terrible. I will leave that for you guys to think about, but needless to say.. That has lead to some of my scariest experiences.

Hope you all have a great week! Enjoy the cold. I am kind of jealous of that!

Love ya`ll!

Elder Clegg

P.S. We have BBQ's a lot right now. They`re nice. Real nice."

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