Thursday, January 22, 2015

Good in the Hood

It's been a long week at the Clegg Ranch. We have been worried about Hayden and his new area. We are praying mightily that he will be protected and serve well. It was a blessing to receive this email and know he is feeling a bit more settled. In his email to me, he mentioned that his apartment is not in his new sector. He walks about a half hour to and from his apartment each day to work in Diagonal. I hope he continues to see the blessings from being there!

"Like the subject line says, It´s all good in the hood.

I was freaking scared to come here, but now.. I know it´s exactly where I need to be! It is really weird because it feels like I am in a dream the whole time and it weirds me out!

Like Ochagavia is pretty dang cool, but you know you have a hard sector when you're sent to Ochagavia and everybody in the zone is like OHHHHH DIAGONAL. Haha Diagonal is the name of my sector! Let´s just say that the people here don´t see many 6´3" white boys walking around..

Elder Fernandez is my new comp and a real different feller! Haha he loves classical music and nerf guns.. so that is great. He also wants to be in the military and can only do 1 pushup. Nice to know I am protected. Like he loves nerf guns! I was in the shower and I came out and he had gotten into my suitcase and found my nerf gun.. He shot me and said, "Soy un fanatico de armas de nerf." Which translates to, "I am a fan of nerf guns". Patience is a really cool thing that I am learning lots of.

However, Leslie, Jampier, and Hector got baptized on Saturday! It was so cool to be part of their baptisms.

Hope ya´ll have a good week back at home. It´s probably a good thing I am out of the country.. My poor Packers got taken out. I <3 U Aaron Rodgers! Elder Clegg Pics: I am not supposed to take my camera into my sector.. So I can´t take any pictures! Here´s a pic of another ghetto sector I was in! So just let your imagination work when I say that mine is wayyyyyy worse. Leslie, Hector, y Jampier My face when I am being patient. The Elders from my old Ward.. When I got there.. We had 3 people there besides us!"

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