Thursday, April 23, 2015

Funky Stuff

I truly wonder where Hayden gets some of his new vocabulary. I worry he is learning slang words that have an entirely different meaning here in the states. I even looked up the word "ratch" in the Urban Dictionary to make sure. Synonyms for "ratch" included wild, funky and ghetto. So, my apologizes if the word is offensive. In my mind, I'm sticking with the wild, funky and ghetto definition. Maybe you can too. Also, I think he needs to find a different past time while he is walking around finding people to teach. Poking drunk guys sounds pretty "ratch" to me!


I've decided that "ratch" is the only word good enough to describe this sector. Like all I do is walk around and laugh about ghetto things I see.

I bagged my hobby of taking pictures of ugly dogs.. now I like to tickle the drunk dudes. Not like full on tickle, but just poke them and laugh at them. They think it´s the funniest thing ever! One got kinda ticked and threw a grapefruit at me, but he missed by a country mile.

I saw an 80 year old granny rollerblading with short-shorts this week.. Ratch.

I am training a dude that is 6 years older than me.. Haha but he is like a little kid. He laughs about everything. Like there is this one lady that we always walk past.. She talks like a man! Then my comp thinks it´s the best thing ever!

It´s gotten cold here! That´s great. The teaching is awesome. We always enter houses.. but I am a pro at bagging people if they are gonna be hard to baptize or just want to talk about America.

We went to the temple this week! It was such a great experience.. I will definitely be going to the temple a lot when I get back!

I feel myself slowly getting old in the mission! I have almost been out 9 months! Things slowly change from being lead.. to leading. With leading.. there is a lot of responsibility.. That makes time go by so much faster!

President told me I would be here in the ghetto for one more change, but I am fine with that! I love this place.

Love you all,

Elder Clegg"

Elder Clegg at a Leadership Conference

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