Thursday, April 9, 2015

Putting the DL in Diagonal

"Hey my friends and family.

Lots has happened this week!

First of all.. Conference. It was so cool. I love to know that we are guided by Christ through living prophets. All of the talks were so inspired and I am pumped about new temples.

We had changes today. I will be staying in Diagonal! We were the only sector in our zone to reach the church attendance goal! That was pretty cool. Also looks like I will be serving as a district leader (DL) and finishing training this change! Time goes by so fast when you've got a lot to do. One of the dudes in my district is from Mountain Crest, so it will be interesting to do divisions with him!

As you can see from the pictures, we got a new car, we knock really rich neighborhoods, and the Andes mountains didn´t get turned up after a rain storm.

We found Jacklin this week! She is the nicest lady I have met. She has a baptismal date and was so ready to receive the gospel. This next change is going to be very white!

I am loving the mission.. Like I really don´t know how I am ever gonna leave. My example and first zone leader Elder White went home today.. He was such a beast! I hope to be a missionary like him some day!

I don´t want to bore you all.. So go do something important, because everybody always tells me they are doing something important and they can´t talk to us. Hahahaha. Their loss!!

Elder Clegg"

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