Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Independence and Oranges

"On September 18, 1810, Chile broke from Spanish rule, declaring their independence. This declaration eventually led to over a decade of violence and warring which did not end until the last royalist stronghold fell in 1826. September 18 is celebrated in Chile as Independence Day."

Hayden seems to believe it is a day for many people to get drunk.  I'm sure there are plenty of people who know how to celebrate without the use of alcohol.  However they choose to celebrate it, I hope the people down there have a wonderful day!  
Here's Hayden...

"The 18th of September is like a huge holiday down here. So everybody gets real drunk and that`s about it! 

I had a bunch of sweet zone activities.  We did some service...had a BBQ, but the Hermanas who were were assigned to bring plates, cups and such forgot!  So...we ate it all with our hands!!   We are HARD CORE down here in Chile. 

We had some super crazy lessons, like I was bawling at least 1 time every day this week. These people are so humble, but so great. Like we show up to this guy's house who has NO money.  His name's Joseph.  He`s Haitian and was baptized a while ago. He didn't eat for like 2 days so he could have enough money to buy a little bag to put his scriptures in.  When he showed up with it all proud, Elder Ballard and I were just soo humbled.  Or another time we finish a lesson with somebody who has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and she just brings us an orange to share and she`s like..."It`s all I've got"... best orange I`ve ever had. It had me so SAD! I just want to help these people.  However, it`s amazing how the gospel changes their lives!  We`re all so blessed up there in the USA. 

Love all you guys! 
Elder Clegg

Ugly Dog"

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