Saturday, September 19, 2015


As I was driving home Wednesday evening, I heard my phone buzz.  I waited until I was stopped (see, Autumn?... I was being a safe driver) and looked at the text.  It was my good friend asking if Hayden was okay after the earthquake in Chile that evening.  I wanted to puke.  I got home, found Mike and asked him if he had heard about the earthquake.  He had not.  We got online and started reading the reports.  We had no idea how far reaching the damage would be for an 8.3 earthquake.  So we waited, watched the news and we prayed.  I was able to feel a sense of peace when I went to bed that night.  I wasn't panicked, just completely unsettled.  
The next morning, we awoke to read more reports.  The earthquake occurred about 140 miles northwest of Hayden, but the damage was widespread.  In my search for information, I came across a Facebook post written by Hayden's Mission President's wife (BLESS HER!!).  She reported that all the missionaries in their mission were safe and accounted for.  Another post from a fellow missionary mother related the news that the Mission President had given his missionaries 15 minutes that day to email home and assure their families.  I must have checked my email every five minutes until Hayden checked in.  Finally he did.  He was upbeat and even cracking jokes.  That's Hayden for you...

"It picked me up and shook me like a dog!"  Name the movie, LOL. 

Haha don`t worry.  I`m completely fine, but love that I get to check in with you!

I can say I survived the biggest earthquake of the year so far... Haha! 

Love you all,

Elder Clegg

In his email to me, he asked if I had already called the Mission President.  (No, thank you, I did not. But...I thought about it.)   In his email to Mike, Hayden mentioned that he was on splits with another missionary when the earthquake hit.  They were walking in the street and definitely felt it.  Elder Ballard, Hayden's current companion, would later report that back in the Haitian sector, those people were completely stressed and frantic.  I think many of them had lived through the huge earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010. Please include the people of Chile in your prayers.  They need it.

P.S.  If you are wondering, the movie quote came from Monsters, Inc.

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