Thursday, September 24, 2015

Understanding the Plan

Hayden didn't write a group email this week.  He mentioned that some of his email time is spent doing  Zone Leader responsibilities, so he doesn't always have time to send out a group one. Instead, I'll share a few lines from the email he sent me. (That's nice of me to share, isn't it?)  In my email, I asked Hayden how he handles investigators who are angry at God for circumstances in their lives.  I loved his response.  I ALWAYS need a reminder of these things, especially when life gets tough.

"An investigator who is mad at God for wronging them doesn't really understand who God is and that he has a plan for us. They don`t understand the Plan of Salvation and why God would give us trials... They don't understand that he as a Father gave his only son to be sacrificed by the world.. You just have to help people to understand. Rely on the scriptures!"

“The great plan of salvation is a theme which ought to occupy our strict attention, and be regarded as one of heaven’s best gifts to mankind.”
Joseph Smith

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